X-Smart Endodontic Rotary Motor (Complete Kit)

X-Smart Endodontic Rotary Motor (Complete Kit)

Rs : 555

X-Smart Endo Motor. Compact. Portable. Easy to use.

  • Operates on battery or electrical power
  • Battery recharging time: approximately 5 hours
  • Time of use on battery: approximately 2 hours
  • Supplied with a 16:1 compact contra angle
  • Operates with or without a pedal (sold separately)
  • Available alone or with file and obturation starter systems

* Not compatible with WaveOne Reciprocating Files.


Features and Benefits

Compact and portable, the X-Smart Endodontic Rotary Motor operates on either battery or electrical power with a battery-use time of approximately two hours per five-hour charge. The easy-to-use motor features nine adjustable program selections and a speed range of 120 to 800 RPM and torque from 0.6 to 5.2 Ncm with the supplied 16:1 compact contra angle.



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